Single Gourmet at Sutherland

Stylish, modern venue offering Canadian bistro eats with global flair!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019 - 6:30pm
Single Gourmet price: $89.00

Price includes gratuities and taxes.

Price includes gratuities and taxes.

Tonight we get together at Sutherland, a chef-driven neighbourhood restaurant on Beechwood. The venue is named after Warren Sutherland, an award-winning chef who captures Canada’s diverse culture with food influences from South America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean islands, notably from the Chef's Jamaican heritage. Local ingredients are used wherever possible to create some exquisite and imaginative dishes. Tonight's menu is crafted for us and it will be a sharing experience in a lively and stylish, modern bistro style environment.

A new experience for our group off Beechwood

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